Games that have been made by me, or that I've been part of the dev team for!



Suddenly, you find yourself reading the description to this genre-shifting game.
Play through Lily's increasingly bizarre adventure, where she has to unshrink herself, defend her home and... date cute alien boys?
Jamfuser 2021 Entry.
Development: MoonSprite (Me, Agapios (Pip) Kokkos, Alex Williams, Richard Suarez, Matthew George)

Feyania Girls


Feyania Girls is a 2D side-scrolling platformer developed in Game Maker 2.
Magical girl and airhead Maki Asayuri finds a baby monster, and embarks on a journey through a land of disturbing beings to return the baby to its mother, the Queen of all monsters. Meanwhile, fellow magical girl Reiya Yuritsuki follows Maki into the monstrous land to try and stop Maki before she can face the Queen's wrath.
A cute magical girl love story taking place in an increasingly dark world!

Art: Me, Gemma Hollingsworth Game Design: ArmateDev Code: ArmateDev, Levon Sargent Music: Callum Morgan

Side Arms Remastered

Download: Drive

Submission for Advanced Game Project in University, in which we were given a game to 'remaster'.
A ground-up redesign and rebuild of the mid 80's shoot-em-'up, Side Arms, developed in Unity.
Concept Art, Texture, UI: Me Modeling: Anton Smith, Sam Rendall Code: Adrian Masek

The Sunless City


Submission for a narrative project for Uni. It is, in my professor's words, "esoteric".
A boy cursed with immortality must take up the role previously held by his lost love.
Writing, programming: Me