15/09/2020: Updated Links, added Diary section with its own layout.

14/09/2020: Added PS1 Collection, added my old graphics to the 'Web Nostalgia' section.

28/08/2020: Added PS2 collection, starting to document all my old websites in the 'Web Nostalgia' section.

21/08/2020: Added unique BGs to all pages, plus some extra little graphics.
Added some more pieces to 'Art', adding PS3 collection to 'Game Collection', and a couple extra links and things to 'About Me'!

20/08/2020: 'Links' page has been created, a little bit has been added to 'Art' and I've added PS4 games + wishlist to 'Game Collection'!

18/08/2020: Site opening! Notably the 'About Me' and 'My Games' pages are complete so far. More coming soon!