Ania-Maria 28 Rainy England
Hello, I'm Ania-Maria, but I mostly go by Ani!
I'm bad at talking about myself, but I'll try.
I love video games, art, anime/manga and fashion.
I'm a video game design graduate and I love JRPGs in particular!
I love the PS2 era of gaming in particular, and I'm super passionate about how games are used to tell stories.
Other than games I love to draw and paint, both traditionally and digitally. You can see my art over at my portfolio!
My love for making websites was first really ignited in 2005 on Piczo. I've since grown apart from my friends I made in those days, but I still hold those memories dear!
I always loved surfing people's websites since 2003, but it was then I made my own first website. I've been making personal websites ever since then, across geocities, freewebs, and other hosts.

...and more.

Hover for usernames. Feel free to add me but please leave msg saying so!

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Add me! Mobile games
Fate/GO: 038,688,465
Shining Nikki: 2000065468
KartRider Rush+: 07J0JC310H0D2
Granblue Fantasy: 26440097
Arknights: Luna#6628
Hypmic: rdx8ftymekza
IDOLiSH7: 524981817
Pokemon Go: 8041 6687 6912
Switch: SW-8229-3491-8995
Lives I've attended
MikuPa London Screening 2011
Miku Expo Europe London 2018
Miku Expo Europe London 2020
Sonic Symphony World Tour London 2023
Bring Me The Horizon: NX_GN World Tour Sheffield 2024