Ani / Luna 25 Rainy England
I love videogames, art, anime, cute things and j-fashion.
I'm a video game design graduate currently working on getting into the industry!
My favourite games include the Atelier series, Final Fantasy, Xenosaga, Shadow Hearts, Silent Hill 2 and many more!
I'm also super interested in otome and joseimuke games, having written my final dissertation on them!
game design, art & drawing
Hypmic Mad Trigger Crew
music: anime, vkei, jpop, doujin, fantasy, etc...
cottagecore/mori girl, pastel, lolita fashion
merch collecting
studying jp
Currently Watching: 86 -Eighty Six-, Vivy -Flourite Eye's Song-
Currently Reading (manga): Idol Dreams, Sakura-hime Kaden
Currently Playing: Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland, Touhou LostWord

When I was younger (2004+) I loved making websites socially! I had loads of geocities and piczo sites, then moved to freewebs, then 110mb.
I've since grown apart from my friends I made in those days, but I still hold those memories dear!

Other places to find me

discord: atelier.ani#0070
twitter: atelierani
tumblr: lunalchemy
backloggery: AtelierAni
myanimelist: AtelierAni

Add me! Mobile games
Fate/GO: 038,688,465
Arknights: Luna#6628
Hypmic: rdx8ftymekza
IDOLiSH7: 524981817
Love Live! All Stars: 598 218 275
Granblue Fantasy: 26440097
Love Nikki: 102054151
Mr.Love: 10712455
Pokemon Go 8041 6687 6912
A3!: 292355631
Switch: SW-8229-3491-8995
Lives I've attended
MikuPa London Screening 2011
Miku Expo Europe London 2018
Miku Expo Europe London 2020